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Heavy Equipment Operator

A program that teaches students how to operate heavy equipment such as bulldozers, track hoes, articulated dump trucks, and excavators is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and efficiently operate these machines. Students can expect to learn about the various types of heavy equipment and their specific uses in construction and other industries. They will also be trained on the safety regulations and protocols for operating heavy equipment, including understanding the different safety features of each machine. Students will learn how to read and interpret technical specifications, blueprints, and other types of diagrams to ensure that they are operating the equipment correctly. In addition, students will be trained in basic maintenance and troubleshooting, so they can identify and fix minor problems before they become major issues. The program will include hands-on training, allowing students to operate and maneuver the heavy equipment themselves under the supervision of experienced instructors. Upon completing the program, students will have the knowledge and practical experience needed to operate heavy equipment safely and effectively in a variety of work environments.

A student getting instructed on the bulldozer
Various heavy equipment being operated by students
An excavator in the foeground and a bulldozer in the background