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Auto Service

Auto Service Technology:

Enrolling in the Auto Service Technology program at the JVS is a smart decision for anyone who is passionate about cars and wants to pursue a career in the automotive industry. This program provides hands-on training, practical experience, and theoretical knowledge that will equip students with the necessary skills to diagnose, repair, and maintain all types of vehicles.

During the program, students can expect to learn about engine systems, brakes, transmissions, electrical systems, steering and suspension, and other essential aspects of automotive technology. They will also get to work on actual customer cars in the school's auto shop, learning how to use various tools and equipment and gaining valuable experience in troubleshooting and problem-solving.

In addition to technical training, students will also learn about customer service, teamwork, and communication, all crucial skills for success in the automotive industry. They will have opportunities to interact with experienced instructors and industry professionals, who can provide them with guidance, advice, and networking opportunities.

While attending the Auto Service Technology program, students will prepare for entry-level positions in the automotive industry and be able to test for ASE, Toyota Tech and AC Section 609 certification!  They will have the knowledge and skills to work in a variety of settings, such as dealerships, repair shops, or automotive parts stores. They may also choose to continue their education and pursue higher-level certifications or degrees.

Enrolling in the Auto Service Technology program at a Vocational school is an excellent investment in one's future. It provides students with a comprehensive education and hands-on experience that prepares them for a rewarding career in the automotive industry.